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    Schneider Electric India Events

    • Dec 2016

      Energy Partner Meet (Energy & Solar)

      02nd - 3rd Dec, Goa

      Modicon Launch 2016 (Industry and Process Automation)

      2nd Dec-Chennai, 9th Dec - Baroda

      Metro Conclave (Partner)

      09th Dec, Mumbai

    • Nov 2016

      Panel Builder Meet 16 (Partner)

      04th Nov - Vijayawada, 17th Nov-Lucknow & North Goa, 18th Nov-Kanpur & South Goa , 19th Nov - Mahape - Vashi

      Auto Event (Partner)

      09th Nov - Pune

      Consultant Meet  (Partner)

      10th Nov- Bangalore

      KAM Event (ITB)

      10th Nov-Mumbai, 17th Nov- Delhi

      Auto Event (Partner)

      11th Nov, Pune

      Manufacture Excellence (Partner)

      13th - 16th Nov, Pune

      Industrial automation (Industry and Process Automation )

      15th Nov, Bangalore

      Retail Meet (Retail)

      15th Nov-Baroda, 16th Nov-Ahmedabad, 17th Nov-Kolkata, 18th Nov- Madurai & Rajkot, 19th Nov-Mumbai, 21st Nov-Tirupur, 23rd Nov-Tirupur, 25th Nov-Erode, 25th Nov-Kuruvilangadu, 26th Nov-Guwahati, 27th Nov-Nagarcoil

      Metro Conclave (Partner)

      25th Nov, Delhi

      ATISIM Event (Industry and Process Automation)

      26th-27th Nov, Ranchi

    • Oct 2016

      Industrial Customer Event (ITB)

      5th Oct-Chennai, 12th Oct-Mumbai, 14th Oct-Hyderabad18th Oct-Delhi

      Healthcare Event (Eco-Buildings)

      13th Oct, Ahmedabad

      LifeSciences event (Eco-Buildings)

      14th Oct, Baroda

      Archmat 2016 (Retail)

      14th - 16th Oct, Trichy

      Connect 2016 (Industry and Process Automation )

      20th-21st Oct, Mumbai

      Retailer Meet (Retail)

      26th Oct, Guwahati

    • Sep 2016

      REI Expo 2016 (Energy & Solar)

      7th - 9th Sep, Noida

      KAM Event (ITB)

      8th Sep, Delhi

      Smart Gen Product Lunch (Energy & Solar)

      6th Sep, Delhi

      Electrotec 2016 (Partner)

      15th - 18th Sep, Coimbatore

    • Aug 2016

      Utilities Meet (Energy & Solar)

      4th Aug, Vijayward

      KAM Event (ITB)

      12th Aug (Mumbai) & 19th Aug (Bangalore)

      Industrial Customer Event (ITB)

      3rd Aug- 15th Sep (Ahmadabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai)

      SMB Customer Meet (ITB)

      8th Jul - 28th Sep (Bangalore, Ahmd, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata)

    • July 2016

      Eco Xperts (Eco-Building)

      7th - 9th Jul, Goa

      Cement Customer Series (Energy)

      15th Jul, Chennai

      Elaan 2016 (Retail)

      19th Jul, Chennai

      End Customer Meet (ITB)

      25th - 26th Jul, Dhaka

      SMB Customer Meet (ITB)

      8th Jul - 28th Sep (Bangalore, Ahmd, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata)

    • June 2016

      Utilities roadshows (Energy)

      02nd Jun (Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur)

      MIX - Costumer Event (ITB)

      03rd Jun, Ahmedabad

      KAM Event (ITB)

      10th Jun (Chennai), 17th Jun (Bangalore), 24th Jun (Delhi)

      MV Partner Club meet (Energy)

      15th Jun, Delhi

    • May 2016

      Customer Meet(ITB)

      May, Dhaka

      Gartner IODC (ITB)

      03rd-04th May, Mumbai

      Life Sciences Event (Eco-Buildings)

      May, Mumbai & Ahemdabad

      Utilities - IDPS (Energy & solar)

      May, Delhi

      Manufacturing Excellence

      20th May, Gurgaon

    • April 2016

      CES Meet (ITB)

      Apr, Bangalore

      Solar workshop (Energy& Solar)

      Apr, Delhi

    • March 2016

      Manufacturing Summit (ITB)

      3rd March, Delhi

      V&D Telecom Summit (ITB)

      11th to 12th March, Delhi

      Healthcare Event 2016 (Eco-Building)

      18th March, Delhi

    • Feburary 2016

      Elecrama 2016  (Energy, Industry and Process Automation )

      13th to 17th Feb, Bangalore

      Technology Sabha  (ITB)

      18th to 20th Feb, Kochi

      Acrex 2016  (ITB)

      23rd to 27th Feb, Mumbai 

      Technology Sabha  (ITB)

      18th to 20th Feb, Kochi

    • January 2016

      Credia Exhibition (Partner)

      8th to 19th Jan, Vijayawada

      Channel On (Corporate)

      13th Jan, Bangalore