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Is Zelio Soft 2 software compatible with Windows Vista and/or Windows 7?

At the time of writing (November 2010) Zeliosoft2 4.3 and earlier, remains compatible only with XP Pro. Though technically superceded as far as Microsoft is concerned, it is still the overwhelmingly dominant OS in use in industry and is likely to remain so for many years. A new version of Zeliosoft 2 (V4.4) is under development which will be compatible with Windows 7 as well as Vista. We anticipate release in the near future but as yet have no date.
We appreciate the difficulties caused by new PCs being supplied with Vista or more lately W7 but it is not something we have any control over.
Legitimate copies of XP Pro are still available from various sources (please consult your computer retailer or support engineer) and you could consider installing a "dual boot" OS. Further, some, if not all, versions of Windows 7 include an XP emulation mode. You might consider contacting the Microsoft support forum if you require further information on these issues.
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