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What are the various parts included in the LAD91217 Star Delta connection kit.
The different parts contained in the LAD91217 Star Delta connection kit is as shown in the below figure.
M171O controller Modbus Slave Configuration
To configure M171O controller as modbus slave please refer the following steps: 1) Open the Somachine HVAC Application Software 2) Create New Programme...
What is the programming software for 171CCC96030 CPU.
Programming software for 171CCC96030 is Concept Programming Software. The latest version for Concept Software is v 2.6 SR7.
How to configure node address of TM171EP14R expansion
Expansion module TM171EP14R node address is the position of Dip switch + Addr_CAN_OB.  The default value of Addr_CAN_OB is 1. To locate Addr_CAN_OB...
What is Inrush power of A9N26478 at 24V AC.
Inrush power of A9N26478 at 24V AC is 185VA.  
Recommended wire size (AWG size) for I/O signal connection to M221/241/251 and TM3 Expansion module.
All the wiring recommendations are mentioned in  M221/241/251 and TM3 Expansion module hardware guides. Kindly refer the attached wiring guidelines...
Output enable conditions of TM3 safety modules.
For TM3 Safety Module, conditions to enable the outputs are as follows: 1) Safety inputs must be enabled i.e. your S1, S2, S3 and S4 (During start)....
How to add GSM Modem in Somachine Project
To add GSM modem in Somachine project use the following steps: - Right click on serial line in Device Tree and select add device - Select ASCII Manager...
How to configure M171P / M172P as Modbus Master.
- Open Somachine HVAC Connection and select M171P or M172P from the list. - Click RS485-2 in Project window on the left side of computer screen. -...
How to update Unity Pro Hardware Catalog.
Follow the Steps in attached document for Unity Pro Hardware Catalog updation.
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