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What is M172P controller retentive variable limitation?
The Memory of M172P can be summearized as follows: Use EEPROM variable for retain data after power recycle.  
Do we need to order current transformer (CT) separately for Samwha EOCR relays for current range of 0.5 … 60 A.
For current range WR ( 0.5 … 60 A ) it is not required to order external CT separately.
How to integrate Google Maps from Clear SCADA page.
Google Maps or any other URL can be integrated in ClearScada ViewX page by following the below procedure: 1. Place a object on the mimic page(for...
PM800 Series meter display showing reading of Current & Wattage only in number like 1A 2A, how to display with decimal point like 1.1A, 1.2A.
To adjust the scale factor of PM800, the procedure would be as follows:  Step 1) Write the value 9020 to register 8000 to enter the setup mode.  Step...
Can we use PM1200 energy meter for export/import energy measurement ?
Yes, we can use PM1200 energy meter for export/import energy measurement. Also it supports Four Quadrant Metering feature.
What is the maximum configuration of tariffs for a day in iEM3165 energy meter ?
We can configure maximum 2 tariff for Weekday (Mon-Fri) and 2 tariff for Weekend (Sat-Sun).  
What could be the possible reasons for vibration of MCCB(NSX) ?
Causes of vibration of MCCB could be :  1. Harmonics 2. Mounting of MCCB is not proper, or screws are not tightened properly.  3. Loose terminal connections. ...
What parameters are available for data logging in PM5560 ?
Kindly refer the attached document for list of available parameters for the data logging of PM5560. You can select upto 14 parameters from this list.
What parameters can be associated with analog IO of PM2230 ?
Below are the associated parameter lists for analog IO of PM2230: • Current: Phase wise • Current Average • Current Unbalance: Phase wise • Current...
What are the I/O modules supported by PM2230/PM2130 energy meters ?
                Model                                       Commercial reference                                              Description 2 Channel...
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