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How can we configure Multiple panes in single trend page (Process Analyst).
To configure multiple panes in single trend page, follow the below steps:  - First add tag by clicking Add Pens > Serach > Select tag > click Add....
How can we load the previously saved Process Analyst files (.PAV) using a button.
To load the trend file with a button, you can use below function:  ProcessAnalystLoadFile(sPAVFile, iFileLocation, iButtonMask, sObjName )  Define...
How much internal meter memory is available for data logs on the PM5300 & PM5500 models?
Issue Would like to know the internal meter memory capacity available for data logs of the PowerLogic PM5300 & PM5500 models. Product Line PM53x0...
How RTU Type can be changed in SCADAPack E Configurator and what is the difference between 'Run Wizard' and 'Change RTU Wizard'.
RTU Type can be changed as View > Change RTU Type This menu command will run the Change RTU Wizard to allow you to change the currently selected SCADAPack...
How can current RTU Status be determined by STAT LED.
The STAT LED blinks when a status code is present. The STAT LED turns off when the status code is returned to 0.
How to determine the cause of the STAT LED condition in SCADAPack E Configurator.
View the RTU system point 50020. In the SCADAPack E Configurator General > Controller Status property page, view the System Error Code field.
What is M172P controller retentive variable limitation?
The Memory of M172P can be summearized as follows: Use EEPROM variable for retain data after power recycle.  
Do we need to order current transformer (CT) separately for Samwha EOCR relays for current range of 0.5 … 60 A.
For current range WR ( 0.5 … 60 A ) it is not required to order external CT separately.
How to integrate Google Maps from Clear SCADA page.
Google Maps or any other URL can be integrated in ClearScada ViewX page by following the below procedure: 1. Place a object on the mimic page(for...
PM800 Series meter display showing reading of Current & Wattage only in number like 1A 2A, how to display with decimal point like 1.1A, 1.2A.
To adjust the scale factor of PM800, the procedure would be as follows:  Step 1) Write the value 9020 to register 8000 to enter the setup mode.  Step...
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