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What voltage that can be connected directy to voltage inputs of PM8000.
The voltage that can be directly connected to voltage inputs of PM8000 meter is 600V.
What is the data update rate for PM8000
The data update rate for PM8000 is as follows: a) Regular data : 1 second b) High-speed: 50 - 60 Hz half-cycle.
What is the memory size available in PM8000 for data logging.
The memory size available in PM8000 for data logging is 512Mbytes.
What are the power quality standards for which PM8000 comply.
The PM8000 includes the following power quality compliance: • EN50160: The meter measures and presents statistics for determining EN50160 compliance....
What is the minimum DC control voltage allowed for PM8000 series of meters.
The minimum DC control voltage allowed for the PM8000 meters is 108V.
What will be the default pulse width for PM8000 series meter.
The default pulse width set on PM8000 meter is 50ms. However you can increase the pulse width which will suit your third party software to detect....
What are the voltage inputs rated at for PowerLogic PM8000 series meter ?
Voltage inputs • Measured voltage: 57 to 400 V L-N / 100 to 690 V L-L (Wye) or 100 to 600 V L-L (Delta or Wye with unearthed neutral) • Frequency:...
What are the control power input requirements for PowerLogic PM8000 series meter?
Control power • AC at 50/60 Hz ± 10%: 90 to 415 V ± 10% • AC at 400 Hz: 90 to 120 V ± 10% • DC: 120 to 300 V DC ± 10% • Burden values for meter only...
What is the rating of the current inputs for PowerLogic PM8000 series meter?
Rating of current inputs; Nominal 5 A (Class 0.2S) or 1 A (Class 0.5S) Measured current: 50 mA to 10 A Starting current: 5 mA Withstand: 20 A continuous,...
How many maximum option modules can be added to PowerLogic PM8000 series meter considering operating temperature specifications.
Upto 4 number of option modules can be attached to PowerLogic PM8000 series meter. Maximum operation temperature is based on the quantity and type...
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