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Telecommunication Accessories

Getting connected is part of our daily lives .
Within our ranges, we have various socket outlets for your telecommunication systems that offer you a consistent design with your switches and sockets. Our offers include integrated RJ45 data sockets, TV sockets, HDMI and USB, RCA and S-Video sockets and much more to power up your home entertainment equipment in style.

Dimmers & Regulators

Bring your home to life with light. The right ambience can create what ever mood you desire, from romantic dinners to lazy nights on the couch. Energy-efficient dimmers allow you to adjust the light intensity that you need to achieve the perfect setting for any situation.

Wiser Home Control

A centralized system that brings you comfort and convenience

Switches and Sockets

Our switches and sockets boast a full spectrum of attractive colors, patterns, materials and finishes.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors make hands-free control of lights a reality.

Kavacha - Full-Time Weatherproof Protection

The conventional approach to achieve waterproof protection is to add a waterproof cover that closes over an electricity point and keeps it dry. But typically these covers don’t offer full-time protection. They must be opened to access the switch or socket – the protection is gone when you need it most.
With its patent-pending design, Kavacha Full-time Weatherproof Covers enable electrical points to be operative even when the covers are closed. You get full-time protection if someone touches the area with wet hands, and in a humid environment. You get uninterrupted safety, in other words, full-time protection for complete peace of mind, across the entire Kavacha range.
Kavacha by Schneider Electric is a uniquely designed range of weatherproof devices developed specially to offer full-time protection around areas that are especially susceptible to water, rain and moisture, both indoor and outdoor.