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  • Find inspiration to renovate your living room with Schneider Electric products Living room Bring your family together
  • Default Alternative Text Bedroom Surround yourself with comfort
  • Be inspired by Schneider Electric's bathroom electric appliances Bathroom Making water smart, safe and fun
  • Renovate your entry hall with Schneider Electric safety and energy saving products Entry and hall Come home to a warm welcome
  • Ideas to decorate and improve comfort of your dining room by Schneider Electric Dining room Mealtime ambiance worthy of friends and family
  • Default Alternative Text Home theater Energy adapted to entertainment
  • Great ideas to renovate kids room with Schneider Electric products Children's room Keeping little ones comfortable and safe
  • Equip your garden and courtyard with Schneider Electric electrical solutions Outdoors Intelligent power outside and in
  • Reduce your energy bills with Schneider Electric energy efficiency solutions and products Energy saving Intelligent power can empower you to save money
  • Connect your house with Schneider Electric home automation solution A safer home Protect your home and your loved ones with smart safety solutions
  • Secure your home with Schneider Electric solutions and products Connected home Intuitive remote home control for comfort, convenience and peace of mind

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  • Discover Schneider Electric picks of the day XPM Luca's room, France
  • Young people sitting around a table and laughing From the community
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