EasyPact TVS

The easy choice for simplicity and flexibility
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EasyPact TVS
  • Presentation

    Contactors from 6 to 630A

    Contactor 3 Pole

    • Current Rating: 6A to 630A, AC3 Rating
    • 2.2KW to 335KW (AC3 /400V)
    • Type 2 co-ordination chart available with Fuse, MPCB and MCCB
    • AC Control
    • Wide Band Coil in 6 -38A for 220 & 415VAC
    • New dual frequency coil available for select coil ratings

    Contactor 4 Pole

    • Current Rating: 16A to 125A, AC1 duty
    • Available in 4NO and 2NO+2NC Power Pole combination
    • AC Control

    Thermal overload relay

    • The complete range offers optional direct mounting under contactors
    • Class 10A
    • RoHS compliance

    Control relay

    • Choose from three combinations of contact types : 2NO/2NC, 3 NO/1NC, 4 NO

    Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

    • One size from 0,37 to 15kW
    • Width = 44,5 mm
    • Icu breaking capacity up to 100 kA

  • Benefits

    The EasyPact TVS range provides you a perfect balance of the performances you need, with simplicity of selection, purchasing and stocking, and with an extended flexibility.

  • Applications

    The EasyPact TVS range of motor starters cover the common application.