Harmony XB5

Ø 22 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights
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Harmony XB5
Round and square plastic bezel buttons and indicators, Ø 22.
  • Presentation

    Spring return push buttons, illuminated push buttons, mushroom head emergency stop buttons with snap-action locking, selector switches, etc. Also, integrated LEDs with incandescent and neon lights.

    • Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA standards
    • CE marking
    • IP 65, NEMA 4 dust and damp proofing
    • “Protected LED” illuminated lens units
    • Low-load electrical contact
    • Screw clamp connection, pins for printed circuit
    • Insulation displacement connector
    • Complete products
    • Products for customer assembly using separate parts and common accessories :

  • Benefits

    Progress with confidence

    Designed for industry, this range combines simplicity of setup and flexibility.
    It is ideal for applications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation.
  • Applications

    • Industry: machine manufacturers, chemical industry, paper mill, marine applications
    • Service sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverage, car washes