Programmable time switch
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Programmable time switches
  • Presentation

    IHP programmable time switches are used to program automatic operation of heating, lighting, ventilation... in an accurate manner. They control opening and closing of independent circuits according to a program set by the user by memorization of On and Off switching operations

    • With 4 keys, a large screen and text-guided intuitive programming, they are easy to program and to use
    • With the external input, they can be controlled with a switch or push-button away from the electrical distribution panel board
    • With the memory key, saving and duplication of programs can be done easily
    • With the programming kit, more complex programs can be created with a PC and then downloaded to the products
    • With the electrical distribution comb-busbar mechanical compatibility and the screw-less connection, the installation becomes simple, faster and more reliable

    The IHP range consists of :

    • The 45 mm intuitive devices (24 h and/or 7d) with 1 or 2 channels (1c and 2c versions) and without or with memory key (“+” versions) :
      - IHP 1c, IHP 2c, IHP + 1c and IHP 2c
      - IHP DCF 1c : synchronized on the DCF 77 signal of the Frankfort transmitter, to satisfy specific needs for a high degree or accuracy
      The 18 mm intuitive devices (24 h and/or 7d): IHP 1c and IHP + 1c
      IHP+1c/+2c accessories :
      - Programming kit for PC (programming device, memory key, CDRom and 2 m USB cable)
      - Memory key : for saving and duplicating programs

  • Benefits

    Efficiency at your fingertips !

    • Reduction of electrical energy consumption (the installation only operates when necessary, operation during the post favourable rate periods)
    • Increased user comfort (customisation of operating periods, triggering accuracy)
    • Enhanced user safety by using the random operating mode proposed by the '+' versions to simulate presence
  • Applications

    They are adapted to all application types (bell, lighting, heating, ventilation, access control...) irrespective of the sector of activity (residential, tertiary, public building, agriculture, industry, etc.)