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About us

                                                      India Management Committee

                                                      Anil Chaudhry

                                                      > Anil Chaudhry

                                                      Country President & MD


                                                      Mutualized Sales

                                                      S Nagarajan

                                                      > S Nagarajan

                                                      National Sales - Proximity

                                                      Sonali Kaushik

                                                      > Sonali Kaushik

                                                      Strategic customer & Segment - Global Solution

                                                      Pradeep Saikia

                                                      > Pradeep Saikia

                                                      Country President - Sri lanka & Bangladesh


                                                      Prakash Kumar Chandraker

                                                      > Prakash Kumar Chandraker

                                                      Energy Business

                                                      Nikhil Pathak

                                                      > Nikhil Pathak

                                                      IT Business

                                                      Sonali Kaushik

                                                      > Sonali Kaushik

                                                      Industry Business

                                                      Rajat Kishore

                                                      > Rajat Kishore

                                                      Process Automation

                                                      Sudhir  Puthran

                                                      > Sudhir Puthran

                                                      Field Services


                                                      Partner Business

                                                      Vipul Sabharwal

                                                      > Vipul Sabharwal

                                                      Retail MD Luminous

                                                      Shrinivas Chebbi

                                                      > Shrinivas Chebbi

                                                      Partner Projects & Eco Building


                                                      Country Functions

                                                      Sugata Sircar

                                                      > Sugata Sircar

                                                      Finance & Admin

                                                      Rachna Mukherjee

                                                      > Rachna Mukherjee

                                                      HR & Security

                                                      Abid Makani

                                                      > Abid Makani

                                                      S&A, EE & CSR

                                                      Sanjay Mitra

                                                      > Sanjay Mitra

                                                      Execution Centre

                                                      S Surapani

                                                      > S Surapani

                                                      Commercial Excellence

                                                      Sreekumar Cr

                                                      > Sreekumar Cr

                                                      Schneider is ON - NCP

                                                      Global Functions

                                                      Javed Ahmad

                                                      > Javed Ahmad

                                                      Global Supply Chain

                                                      Ramesh Phatak

                                                      > Ramesh Phatak


                                                      Praveen Thakur

                                                      > Praveen Thakur


                                                      Gaurav Burman

                                                      > Gaurav Burman

                                                      Field Marketing

                                                      To know more

                                                      To know more 

                                                      The Group's core businesses