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Increase performance and meet the latest safety regulations

Designing and manufacturing lifts and escalators is your field of expertise. Our solutions help you make the most of your lift and escalator installations throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.
Increase passenger comfort
Improved drive control enables safe, accurate and consistent floor levelling, as well as:
- Smoother stops and starts, even under full load
- Built-in brake sequence functions and reduced braking noise
- Better control and minimised vibration

Improve safety and reduce liability
Built-in features significantly reduce the risk of accidents and enable your equipment to meet the latest safety regulations:
- Tamper-proof password-controlled programmes
- Precision floor-levelling modules
- Uniform shaft/hoistway lighting


Simplify installation and increase profitability
Standardised solutions feature flexibility and ease of installation:
- Simple power supply and modular limit switch design
- ASi bus cabling system to reduce building and installation time
- Control systems with pre-configured lift parameters to reduce set-up and commissioning


Success story


Cost-effective wiring for an extensive escalator installation
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Intelligent data control at Thyssen Krupp
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Save time designing


 ATV71, ATV31
Built-in elevator functions such as ramp control, rescue and weight measurement.
 Twido, Zelio controllers
Standardise on a flexible, programmable control device.
 Lift inspection box
Specially designed for pits, hoistways and top of cars.
 Sensors and limit switches
Modularity and flexibility simplify installation.

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