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Products and Services

            Meher Capacitors is now Schneider Electric


            Meher Capacitors pioneered and nurtured the design and manufacture of Self Healing Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors & Systems in India and possessed state of art technologies as well as comprehensive products & solutions for PFC, Harmonic Filtering & Network analysis. In addition, it had been actively developing technology platforms which were essential for the evolution of future generation PFC Capacitors. Meher Capacitors joined Schneider Electric in 2009 and its products now form part of Schneider Electric’s unique and comprehensive offer portfolio in the field of Energy Efficiency encompassing measurement, power quality correction, automation, and monitoring. Together, they address the full lifecycle of any Customers’ energy efficiency needs.

            Capacitors: A safe, reliable and high performance solution for power factor correction in commercial, industrial and semi-industrial applications. Suitable for fixed or, automatic PFC, real time compensation, detuned and tuned filters.

            VarplusCan Capacitors        

            > VarplusCan Capacitors : Designed and engineered to deliver a long working life with low losses. Available in small kVAr rating within all the network voltages 50Hz/ 60Hz.

            • VarplusCan Standard Duty Capacitors (SDuty)
            • VarplusCan Heavy Duty Capacitors(Hduty)
            • VarplusCan Gas Heavy Duty Capacitors(GHDuty)
            • VarplusCan Energy Capacitors(MD-XL)
            • VarplusCan Harmonic Capacitors

            VarplusBox Capacitor

            > VarplusBox Capacitor : Deliver reliable performance in most of the fixed applications such as Fixed & Automatic PFC systems and in networks with frequently switched loads & harmonic disturbances. Designed to ensure reliable operation of the capacitors in hot and humid conditions without any additional ventilation louvers.

            Detuned Reactors

            > Detuned Reactors: Designed to mitigate harmonics, improve power factor and avoid electrical resonance in low voltage electrical network.

            Thyristor Switch 

            > Thyristor Switch : Proposed for switching capacitors without transient inrush currents, normally associated with the electromechanical contactor switching. An unlimited number of switchings are made possible without applying significant stress to the capacitors.

            Power Factor Controller

            > Power Factor Controller: Varlogic Controllers monitor the reactive power of the installation and control the connection and disconnection of capacitor steps in order to obtain the targeted power factor.

            Automatic Power Factor Correction system    

            > Automatic Power Factor Correction system: APFC products are fully automatic in operation and can be used to achieve:Consistancy in Power Factor under fluctuating load conditions.

            • Consistancy in Power Factor under fluctuating load conditions.
            • Elimination of Power factor penalties
            • Reduction in KVA demand charges
            • Prevention of leading power factor
            • Maintenance free operation
            MV Capacitors

            > MV Capacitors : MV Capacitors are installed in industrial electrical networks primarily to meet the compensation requirements of individual MV induction motors and for overall power factor correction at the MV Bus. Typical applications are:

            • Electricity boards
            • Steel, aluminum plants,
            • Cement plants
            • Water pumping stations
            • HT Motor compensation etc

            MV Systems 

            > MV Systems : MV Capacitors are installed in industrial electrical networks primarily to meet the compensation at the MV Bus. Different types of systems available based on application

            • Indoor fixed capacitor banks
            • Outdoor capacitor banks
            • APFC panels

            Typical applications are:

            • All HT consumers
            • Electricity boards