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Can we write to any Modbus Device through Vijeo Citect SCADA which does not Support Function Code 06 (Preset Single Register) but Support Function Code 16(Preset Multiple Register)

By default Vijeo Citect uses Function Code 06(Preset Single Register) and Function Code 16 (Preset Multiple Register) depending
upon the method to write to a device.But yes we can force Vijeo Citect Driver to use Function Code 16(Preset Multiple Register) every
time whenever write request is generated by Vijeo Citect to any Device regardless of command type.

For this we have to set the below parameter in Citect.INI file:

This enable to Modbus Driver to use Function Code 16 every time there is a write request from Vijeo Citect to Modbus Device.

FA141230  |  21-Dec-2012  | Settings
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