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    Give Power to the Grid

    Today, 304 million Indians live without electricity.
    Reimagine the power grids to make power accessible to all.

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    Experience the New EasyPact TVS

    • Designed for the essential 
    • The right balance between performance and cost with no quality compromise 
    • Available in a new colour and design 
    • Introducing the new dual frequency coil 
    • New AC1 rating for LC1E3800

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    Find a better way to know what's happening inside your data center.

    Check data center devices and receive smart alarms and insights right on your smartphone.

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    Efficiency that clicks

    Compact NSXm molded case circuit breakers, up to 160A.
    A better way to work every day.

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    Start smart. Run smart.

    Stay smart, knowing that the inventors of the world’s first modular contactor – Schneider Electric – will continue to provide you with the constant innovation you can expect from the market leader in motor control solutions.

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    "Your one-click window to Schneider Electric"

    You can reach us at :

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    Contact Our Sales Today

    Start your sales inquiry online and an expert will connect with you shortly!

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    Because convenience is what matters the most

    Smart Touch

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    Smart Power

    Integrated Solution offering

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