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Rekha Anil

Director - Home and Business Network, IT Business of Schneider Electric


Leading by example

1. Please describe your career journey.

My career journey began as a Control System Engineer at Bosch where I worked for over a dozen year. I then moved to GE Global Research and Technology Center and after a stint of 3 successful years with the organisation, I got associated with Honeywell. At Honeywell, I led the Program Management teams and an Engineering Center of Excellence.

I am extremely glad and excited to be part of Schneider Electric now.

 2. What are your plans for the company for the next five years?

I think the plans can be categorised under three segments:

•    Nurturing talent
•    Driving innovation
•    Growing business

3. What are the challenges faced by a woman technology leader and how have you overcome them?

Having worked in different technology sectors, I have learnt that challenges are different in each domain. All we need to do is to follow a simple mantra - Never give up. Pick yourself up and move ahead.

4. What changes have you observed in the technology sector over the years? How do you think the concept of gender diversity in the tech industry will evolve?

Today, there is a significant representation of women in leadership roles especially in the financial and banking sector. However, the technology sector still continues to be a challenge. While organisations today have started realising the myriad benefits of having women employees in a corporate hierarchy and are striving to nurture their growth, women also need to step up and embrace the change. Women anatomy is designed for economy of motion, energy conversation and their mind is evolved in multi-tasking. With a bit of self-training, women intuition can do wonders in a corporate sector. It is essential for human being to recognise, nurture and channelise that strength for their own as well as organisational development.

5. How is your experience as a technology leader?

It has been a great journey of learning, growing, coaching and celebration! I have been fortunate to get opportunities to work in different domains, they being: automotive, aerospace, power and energy systems.

6. How do you juggle between work and passion?

There is one life. Work, passion and family are integral part of it. It is all about making peace with that fact and bringing in harmony. Blending spirituality in every aspect of life helps to bring that harmony. I am glad to be part of Schneider Electric, where well-being is one of key initiative that aids employees in their personal as well as professional journey.

7. What makes your company unique by way of its Diversity & Inclusion practice?

Respect for diversity. In our organisation ‘Word’ and ‘Actions’ are aligned. We practice what we preach.

8. What are the drivers of change for women in technology?

Women are uniquely gifted to empathise and understand customer pain points and map technology to solve the pain points. That brings in the change. Technology is not adopted for the sake of it. Rather it should be done to address a specific purpose and applied at the right time.

9. Describe your typical day at work.

My day depends on priority communication and then rest is focused on projects, strategy, operations and tech time with teams.

10. Any words of wisdom for aspiring women techies?

•    3Ds : Do not limit yourself, Develop yourself, Don't give up.
•    2Cs : Be Confident and Courageous.
•    1U   : Take care of yourself, Fitness of Body and Mind

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