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9th June

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12th June

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12th June

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Detailed Route Plan


Date Day's State City
9-Jun-17 Friday Kerala Kasargod
10-Jun-17 Saturday Kerala Kasargod
12-Jun-17 Monday Kerala Kannur
13-Jun-17 Tuesday Kerala Kannur
14-Jun-17 Wednesday Kerala Calicut
15-Jun-17 Thursday Kerala Calicut
16-Jun-17 Friday Kerala Calicut
17-Jun-17 Saturday Kerala Malapuram
19-Jun-17 Monday Kerala Malapuram
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Kerala Malapuram
21-Jun-17 Wednesday Kerala Trichur
22-Jun-17 Thursday Kerala Trichur
23-Jun-17 Friday Kerala Trichur
24-Jun-17 Saturday Kerala Ernakulam
26-Jun-17 Monday Kerala Ernakulam
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Kerala Ernakulam
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Kerala Kottayam
29-Jun-17 Thursday Kerala Allepey/Kayamkulam
30-Jun-17 Friday Kerala Allepey/Kayamkulam
1-Jul-17 Saturday Kerala Kollam
3-Jul-17 Monday Kerala Kollam
4-Jul-17 Tuesday Kerala Trivandrum
5-Jul-17 Wednesday Kerala Trivandrum
6-Jul-17 Thursday Kerala Trivandrum


Date Day's State City
12-Jun-17 Monday Chhatisgarh Bilaspur
13-Jun-17 Tuesday Chhatisgarh Bilaspur
14-Jun-17 Wednesday Chhatisgarh Raipur
15-Jun-17 Thursday Chhatisgarh Raipur
16-Jun-17 Friday Chhatisgarh Raipur
19-Jun-17 Monday Chhatisgarh Raigarh
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Chhatisgarh Raigarh
23-Jun-17 Friday Odisha Bahrampore
26-Jun-17 Monday Odisha Puri
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Odisha Puri
30-Jun-17 Friday West Bengal Kolkata
1-Jul-17 Saturday West Bengal Kolkata
2-Jul-17 Sunday West Bengal Kolkata
3-Jul-17 Monday West Bengal Kolkata
7-Jul-17 Friday West Bengal Siliguri
8-Jul-17 Saturday West Bengal Siliguri
10-Jul-17 Monday North East Shillong
11-Jul-17 Tuesday North East Shillong
13-Jul-17 Thursday North East Guwahati
14-Jul-17 Friday North East Guwahati
15-Jul-17 Saturday North East Guwahati

Tamil Nadu

Date Day's State City
9-Jun-17 Friday Tamil Nadu Chennai Market
10-Jun-17 Saturday Tamil Nadu Chennai Market 
12-Jun-17 Monday Tamil Nadu Chennai Market
13-Jun-17 Tuesday Tamil Nadu Vellore Market
15-Jun-17 Thursday Tamil Nadu Hosur
16-Jun-17 Friday Tamil Nadu Hosur
17-Jun-17 Saturday Tamil Nadu Dharmapuri Market
19-Jun-17 Monday Tamil Nadu Salem Market 
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Tamil Nadu Salem Market 
21-Jun-17 Wednesday Tamil Nadu Erode Market 
22-Jun-17 Thursday Tamil Nadu Tirupur Market
23-Jun-17 Friday Tamil Nadu Tirupur Market
24-Jun-17 Saturday Tamil Nadu Tirupur Market
26-Jun-17 Monday Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Market 
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Market 
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Market 
29-Jun-17 Thursday Tamil Nadu Karur Market 
30-Jun-17 Friday Tamil Nadu Karur Market 
1-Jul-17 Saturday Tamil Nadu Namakkal
3-Jul-17 Monday Tamil Nadu Trichy


Date Day's State City
12-Jun-17 Monday Maharashta Mumbai
13-Jun-17 Tuesday Maharashta Mumbai
14-Jun-17 Wednesday Maharashta Mumbai
15-Jun-17 Thursday Maharashta Mumbai
16-Jun-17 Friday Maharashta Mumbai
17-Jun-17 Saturday Maharashta Mumbai
19-Jun-17 Monday Maharashta Mumbai
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Maharashta Mumbai
21-Jun-17 Wednesday Maharashta Mumbai
22-Jun-17 Thursday Maharashta Navi Mumbai
23-Jun-17 Friday Maharashta Navi Mumbai
24-Jun-17 Saturday Maharashta Pune
26-Jun-17 Monday Maharashta Pune
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Maharashta Pune
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Maharashta Pune
29-Jun-17 Thursday Maharashta Pune

Gujarat+Madhya Pradesh

Date Day's State City
12-Jun-17 Mon Gujarat Kutch
13-Jun-17 Tue Gujarat Kutch
14-Jun-17 Wed Gujarat Kutch
16-Jun-17 Fri Gujarat Morvi
17-Jun-17 Sat Gujarat Morvi
19-Jun-17 Mon Gujarat Jamnagar
20-Jun-17 Tue Gujarat Rajkot
21-Jun-17 Wed Gujarat Rajkot
22-Jun-17 Thu Gujarat Rajkot
23-Jun-17 Fri Gujarat Rajkot
26-Jun-17 Mon Gujarat Ahmedabad
27-Jun-17 Tue Gujarat Ahmedabad
28-Jun-17 Wed Gujarat Ahmedabad
29-Jun-17 Thu Gujarat Ahmedabad
30-Jun-17 Fri Gujarat Vadoara
1-Jul-17 Sat Gujarat Vadoara
3-Jul-17 Mon Gujarat Vadoara
4-Jul-17 Tue Gujarat Surat
5-Jul-17 Wed Gujarat Surat
6-Jul-17 Thu Gujarat Surat
7-Jul-17 Fri Gujarat Vapi
8-Jul-17 Sat Gujarat Vapi
10-Jul-17 Mon Gujarat Vapi
13-Jul-17 Thu Madhya Pradesh Indore
14-Jul-17 Fri Madhya Pradesh Indore
15-Jul-17 Sat Madhya Pradesh Ujjain
17-Jul-17 Mon Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
19-Jul-17 Wed Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
22-Jul-17 Sat Madhya Pradesh Gwalior
24-Jul-17 Mon Madhya Pradesh Gwalior


Date Day's State City
9-Jun-17 Friday Rajasthan Bharatpur
10-Jun-17 Saturday Rajasthan Alwar (Bhiwadi / Neemrana/ Behror)
12-Jun-17 Monday Rajasthan Alwar (Bhiwadi / Neemrana/ Behror)
14-Jun-17 Wednesday Rajasthan Sikar
15-Jun-17 Thursday Rajasthan Jaipur (Wall City +Sikar Road+Mansarovar)
16-Jun-17 Friday Rajasthan Jaipur (Wall City +Sikar Road+Mansarovar)
17-Jun-17 Saturday Rajasthan Jaipur (Wall City +Sikar Road+Mansarovar)
19-Jun-17 Monday Rajasthan Ajmer (Beawar/ Kekri/ Kishangarh)
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Rajasthan Ajmer (Beawar/ Kekri/ Kishangarh)
22-Jun-17 Thursday Rajasthan Kota (Bundi / Baran / Jhalawar) 
23-Jun-17 Friday Rajasthan Kota (Bundi / Baran / Jhalawar) 
26-Jun-17 Monday Rajasthan Bhilwara
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Rajasthan Chittorgarh
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Rajasthan Udaipur ( Banswara/ Doongarpur) 
29-Jun-17 Thursday Rajasthan Udaipur ( Banswara/ Doongarpur) 
30-Jun-17 Friday Rajasthan Rajnagar (Raj Samand) 
3-Jul-17 Monday Rajasthan Jalore/Pali/Sirohi (Marwar) 
4-Jul-17 Tuesday Rajasthan Jalore/Pali/Sirohi (Marwar) 
5-Jul-17 Wednesday Rajasthan Barmer (Balotara) 
7-Jul-17 Friday Rajasthan Jodhpur
8-Jul-17 Saturday Rajasthan Jodhpur
10-Jul-17 Monday Rajasthan Jodhpur
12-Jul-17 Wednesday Rajasthan Bikaner
13-Jul-17 Thursday Rajasthan Nagour
15-Jul-17 Saturday Rajasthan Sriganganagar


Date Day's State City
9-Jun-17 Friday KAR BIDAR
10-Jun-17 Saturday KAR Gulberga
12-Jun-17 Monday KAR Gulberga
14-Jun-17 Wednesday KAR BAGALKOTE
15-Jun-17 Thursday KAR MUDHOL
16-Jun-17 Friday KAR Belgaum
17-Jun-17 Saturday KAR Belgaum
19-Jun-17 Monday KAR Hubli
20-Jun-17 Tuesday KAR Hubli
22-Jun-17 Thursday KAR Davangere
23-Jun-17 Friday KAR Shimoga
26-Jun-17 Monday KAR Bangalore
27-Jun-17 Tuesday KAR Bangalore
28-Jun-17 Wednesday KAR Bangalore
29-Jun-17 Thursday KAR Bangalore
30-Jun-17 Friday KAR Bangalore
1-Jul-17 Saturday KAR Bangalore
3-Jul-17 Monday KAR Bangalore
4-Jul-17 Tuesday KAR Bangalore
6-Jul-17 Thursday KAR Manglore
7-Jul-17 Friday KAR Manglore
8-Jul-17 Saturday KAR Manglore
10-Jul-17 Monday KAR Mysore
11-Jul-17 Tuesday KAR Mysore
12-Jul-17 Wednesday KAR Mysore


Date Day's State City
9-Jun-17 Friday Andhrapradesh Srikakulam
10-Jun-17 Saturday Andhrapradesh vizianagaram
12-Jun-17 Monday Andhrapradesh Vishakapatnam
13-Jun-17 Tuesday Andhrapradesh Vishakapatnam
15-Jun-17 Thursday Andhrapradesh Kakinada
16-Jun-17 Friday Andhrapradesh Rajahmundry
17-Jun-17 Saturday Andhrapradesh Tanuku / Bhimavaram
19-Jun-17 Monday Andhrapradesh Vijayawada
20-Jun-17 Tuesday Andhrapradesh Vijayawada
21-Jun-17 Wednesday Andhrapradesh Guntur
22-Jun-17 Thursday Andhrapradesh Ongole
23-Jun-17 Friday Andhrapradesh Nellore
26-Jun-17 Monday Telangana Hyderabad
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Telangana Hyderabad
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Telangana Hyderabad
29-Jun-17 Thursday Telangana Hyderabad
30-Jun-17 Friday Telangana Hyderabad
1-Jul-17 Saturday Telangana Hyderabad
3-Jul-17 Monday Telangana Hyderabad
4-Jul-17 Tuesday Telangana Hyderabad
6-Jul-17 Thursday Telangana Karimnagar & Warangal
8-Jul-17 Saturday Telangana Adilabad & Nizamabad

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