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    Our Story

    • Why?

      VISION: To spread happiness through energy autonomy in rural India

      MISSION: Provide access to electric power to rural India with deficient grid supply through Renewable Energy with sustainable inclusive means

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      - Villages where there is grid but no electricity for more than 12 hours
      - Villages where their power cut for more than 12 hours
      - Villages in close proximity of our factories
      - Villages identified or suggested by our employees
      - Villages suggested by visitors through our website
      - Villages suggested by our partners 

      - Villages identified or suggested by Sachin Tendulkar

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      - Select partners in identified states
      - Create and support entrepreneurship
      - Partner and entrepreneur Training by Schneider
      - Selection of the village
      - Documentation & approvals for In Diya lights to be available at sites
      - Installation of the lights and verification
      - Beneficiaries database to be maintained by the partner
      - Third party audit to ensure process compliance & right use

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