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What are the functions of the PCMCIA Card batteries, TSXBATM02 and TSXBATM03.


TSXBATM02 battery provides the necessary power backup to save the content of the RAM PCMCIA when the PCMCIA Card is out of the PLC or when the PLC is powered off. TSXBATM03 battery provides the necessary power backup to save the content of the RAM PCMCIA when the TSXBATM02 is dead and during the time when the TSXBATM02 battery is being changed.





1. There is a Battery fault indication available for the TSXBATM02 battery, indicating that replacement is required.

2. TSXBATM03 has to be changed every 1.5 years because there is no battery failure indication for TSXBATM03.

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