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Is the Harmony XB5S Biometric Switch suitable for use outdoors.

Yes, the Harmony XB5S Biometric switch is built for outdoor use and meets NEMA1,2,3,3R and 12 standards.
Always protect the Harmony XB5S Biometric switch from direct sunlight and heavy rain. If the sensor of the CCD
camera detects too much light, the camera will become saturated and unable to read the fingerprint.
The UV exposure rating follows ISO 4892-1 and 2–500 hours (irradiance = 0.5 W / m² / nm to 340 nm).
For additional protection from heavy rain, direct sunlight, and vandalism, Schneider Electric recommends the use
of a protective cover (part number ZB5SZ70) and a stainless steel guard (Part number ZB5SZ72).
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