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What are the minimum system requirement for installing SoMachine Software V3.0.

SoMachine software is delivered on a DVD,it is a product oriented version that includes all SoMachine
features related to generic hardware (M238,M258,LMC058,XBT GC) as well as generic
Tested Validated Documented Architecture ( TVDA ).
The solution features are added to SoMachine by installing its solution extension DVD. It includes
all SoMachine solutions hardware, plus all the dedicated application libraries and TVDA.
Below are Minimum System Requirement for installing SoMachine Software V3.0.
1. Processor ofPentium 3 - 1.2 GHz or higher
2. RAM Memory of2 GByte and recommended is3 GByte
3. Hard Disk of 3.5 GB and recommended: 4 GB
4. Operating Systems areWindows XP Professional, Windows 7 32 bits
5. Drive with DVD reader
6. Display of 1024 × 786 pixel resolution or higher
7. Peripherals inclides a Mouse or compatible pointing device
8. Peripherals includes USB interface
9. Web Access -Web registration requires Internet access
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