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What are the ordering references of spreaders and phase barriers of Simpact MCCB to be ordered as a spare.

         For Frame Size T1
            NKS100R, NKS160R, NKS200R, NKF100D       
            Spreaders (3P)                                                                          NKSP13
           For Frame Size T2
           NKF250D 3P/4, NKF100C/K 3/4P, NKF250C/K 3/4P
           Spreaders (3P)                                                                           NKSP33
           Spreaders (4P)                                                                           NKSP44

         Note : The phase barriers for Simpact MCCB upto 250A will come along with the spreaders as a 
                     default & can’t be ordered as a spare.

          For Frame Size T3
          NKF400C/K, NKF400C/K 3/4P        
          We do not offer spreaders & phase barriers for frame size T3 of Simpact MCCB as a spare.
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