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What does F.S% stand for in DigitAN EM 6400 meter.

F.S % allows the user to set required full scale in % of CT Primary. While setting up a new factory or commercial complexes 
usually higher rated current transformer is selected than present requirement keeping the future expansion in mind.
Ie: CT primary rating may be much higher than the sanctioned load.
This may be as high as 10 times the present load. 
For Example if the CT ratio is 500/5A, but the sanctioned load is only 100A, meter will indicate just
20% (bar graph and % load) even if the load is 100A. User may not notice even if he is exceeding the sanctioned limit, 
which results in penalty from EB. With the programmable FS for the above condition the user can select the FS as 20%
of CT primary (sanctioned load),so that the meter will show 100% when the load is 100A. 
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