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How to protect function block in SoMachine from unauthorized read access rights.

 Individual Function block read access rights can be successfully achieved by using SoMachine Safety features
of setting up a user hierarchy and by giving/removing rights.
The problem arises,if the user want to give the Function Block to someone else ,but do not want to let other user
see the source code.
The privileged access is working as long as user is in the application project but,if user want
to export the Function Block to the system, after rightfully asking the password and create an XML-like file completely
open that can be easily read and decoded.
After importing in another project on another laptop, the safety hierarchy is lost.
There is no other way ,other then using compiled libraries, this way nobody can rebuild the source code.
This cannot be changed by Schneider as this feature is inherited from CoDeSys(3S-Smart Software Solutions).
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