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Is it possible to send a standard CAN message on SoMachine CANopen bus.

Yes, it is possible send a standard CAN message on SoMachine Canopen bus.
There are two ways available:
1.Use of CAA CAN Low Level Extern (CL2) Library which comes with SoMachine:This library SoMachine offers
some basic services which allow for instance reading/writing of CAN messages. The use of these services requires a
deeper knowledge of programming.
2.Use of a “virtual” CANopen device (For Example Modicon OTB): User want to send a CAN message consisting
of 5 bytes to a CAN device(COB-ID 16#20A)which is connected to for example SoMachine CANopen_Performance.
In order to do this,usercan configure an OTB device with node-id 10.
In RPDO 1,user can map the data(here 5 Bytes).
Heartbeat,Emergency and the checks at Startup shall be disabled as well.
When the content of one of the 5 bytes changes then automatically a CAN frame will be sent to the CAN device.
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