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Why Errors appears,when user add Canopen Manger in SoMachine V2.0RL3 project originally created with SoMachineV3.0.

If SoMachine V2.0 RL3 is installed on user laptop and user try to open a project archive which was done with
SoMachine V3.0, then the device descriptions of SoMachine V3.0 devices used in the project are added to the
pool of device descriptions of SoMachine V2.0 RL3 on your laptop.
Now, if you create a new SoMachine V2.0 RL3 project and you add a new CANopen Manager for example, the
latest version will be displayed (the SoMachine V3.0 version - But the SoMachine V2.0 RL3 compiler
does not know this device and you receive the error messages.
To avoid this, you should uninstall the SoMachine V3.0
devices (versions) in your SoMachine V2.0 RL3 installation.
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