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What is the function of "Routing Step Width" with timeout and online polling interval on SoMachine.

The Routing Step Width that defines the grid size of the graphical configuration editor. Select a value
between 15 (wide grid) and 50(small grid), bearing in mind that a smaller grid (a higher value) leads to
longer times for refreshing the graphical representation of your configuration.
The Online Polling Interval(milli seconds-ms)is the time span that has to elapse between 2 attempts to
poll the connected devices.
The Timeout for routing that defines the time the graphical configuration editor is allowed to(re)route the
graphical representation of user configuration in order to create right-angled connecting lines. If this timeout
elapses before the routing process is finished,the remaining lines will be displayed without right-angles.
Refer to attached Document for SoMachine Graphical Configuration Editor.
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