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Which hardwares are included in Modicon LMC058 Embedded Expert Input/Output(I/O).

The Modicon LMC058 Controller base provides:
1. One Controller Power Distribution Module (CPDM)
2. One Hardware Encoder port that can support:
   Incremental encoder
   SSI absolute encoder
3. Two embedded expert I/O modules (DM72F0 and DM72F1) with:
   5 fast inputs
   2 regular inputs
   2 fast outputs
Each embedded expert I/O module (DM72F0 and DM72F1) can support expert functions
Expert functions are defined as either simple or complex. Only one type can be configured per module:Simple functions 
like ( HSC Simple and Event_Latch I/O) and complex functions like ( HSC Main, Encoder, PWM and Frequency Generator).
When an Input/Output(I/O)is not used by an expert function,it can be used as a regular I/O.
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