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While issuing Preset single or multiple register (Function code=6 or 16) commands to Altistart 22 soft starter, it returns exception error code 01-Bad function. What is the reason.

For Altistart 22, two ways to issue forced local command.
(1) By assigning logic input to forced local command,
(2) Making bit 15 high of control word register at its modbus address of 752.
When command channel CTRL = Modbus and LI force  local command is activated, then a Modbus request Preset single
register(Function code =6) or Preset multiple register (Function code=16) sends back an exception code 01-Bad function.
Deactivate, LI assigned to Forced local command and activate bit 15 of control Word register to get forced local mode.
Now, issuing Preset single register (Function code=6) or Preset multiple register (Function code=16) will be accepted by Altistart 22.
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