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How to retain Encoder value of single turn encoders to simulate as Absolute Position Encoder at power cycle event in Lexium 32 Drives.

To retain the Encoder Value at Power Cycle SimAbsolutePos parameter need to be set to Simulation On.
This parameter defines the way position values are handled over a power cycle and allows for the simulation
of an absolute position encoder Single Turn or Multi-turn. If this function is activated, the device saves the relevant
position data before a shutdown to restore the mechanical position the next time it is switched on.
For this function to work, the drive may only be shut down while the motor is at a standstill and the motor shaft must
not be moved outside of the permissible range which is 0.25 revolution. (for example, use a brake at the time of standstill).
The firmware version of Drive where this function is available is version greater than V01.01.
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