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How to calculate the response value (C/K value) for a 6.6KV capacitor bank.

Normally the response value, more generally known as the C/K, is set automatically as a part of the Auto Setup sequence, but
there are cases when these values must be entered manually. The correct value can be calculated using an equation requiring
the 1st step size (in vars). Line-to-line voltage of the network used (in volts) and the CT ratio as follows;
C/K = (Q1st) / (I1/5A * ULL * 1.73)
Where Q1st     = Size of 1st step in vars
      ULL    = line-to-line voltage in volts
      I1/5A = CT ratio     
For example: for a 100kvar step under 6.6 kV with a CT of 2000/5,
C/K = 0.022, the choice is 0.02 to be setted into the controller.
Caution: when the customer can see on the display “Verify", you mustn’t validate this parameter and you must go out the manual
setup sequence.
When we do "manual setting", we never use "VERIFY".Because VERIFY check all parameter (as auto setting).
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