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What is the function of latching block LAD6K10** used in LC1D range of contactor.

The LAD6K** is a mechanical latch block for LC1D range contactor.
The purpose of the mechanical latch block is to maintain the contactor closed without coil supply.
You fit the mechanical latch block on LC1D contactor and when you energies the contactor closes, in the same
time the LAD6K** lock the contactor in closed position.
When you realize the coils supply the contactor stay in
closed position as the LAD6K** or LA6DK is latched in close position.
To open the contacot you will have 2 options:
1 - Release manually with the reset function on LAD6K**
2 - Send an electric pulse on A1 A2 input of LAD6K**
This is the operating function of latching block LAD6K**.
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