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What is the difference difference in the communication cable TWDXCARJXXX and TSXCRJMD25 used for Twido modbus connection on Port1.

Both the cables are  for different purpose.
TWDXCARJXXX cable is being used for the serial modbus communication where DPT signal of pin 5 is being
connected to 0V pin number which allow Twido controller to configure the Port 1 of Twido on the communication
parameter that is defined in the application. Where TSXCRJMD25 cable are being used to saperate wire on pin
5 and 7 which force Twido controller to be connect on the default programming  protocol that is "PUNIT".
You can use TWDXCARJXXX for programming but in this case you will have to match the communication settings
such as baud rate, parity with modbus driver in the PC and in PLC. But when you use TSXCRJMD25 it forces the
communication parameter to set to 19200 baud rate and parity to none in the PLC. Which is the default setting for
PUNIT protocol to connect to PLC.
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