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Sendingthe SMS using SR2MOD3 using AT commands (Hayes Commands) like AT+CMGS=”<Mobile Number>”CR<SMS to Send>CTRL+Z,getting the SMS with missing some characters in the beginning of SMS message.

This is the normal behavior when SMS is being send in the format described above AT+CMGS=<Mobile Number>CR<SMS to Send>CTRL+Z.
When SMS is being send from modem device using AT (Hayes) commands there should be a pause in between
AT+CMGS=”<Mobile Number>”CR and <SMS to Send>CTRL+Z. So that modem should get ready to receive the character of SMS.
If the above is not implemented then the character which is being sent before the Modem is ready to receive the SMS character will be lost.
The best way to split the AT commands above into two commands. In the first command send this character AT+CMGS=”<Mobile Number>”CR
and wait for the modem to receive the character “>”. After you receive the character then only you send the second command <SMS to Send>CTRL+Z.
After applying the SMS you will get the complete SMS in reception side.
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