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How to change device Address for already configured Modbus Equipment during runtime in HMI without using Vijeo Designer in configuration mode.

To change the address of Device you can use the script function as below:
Con_SlaveEquipmentAddress example:
int [ ] slaveAddress = ;
ModbusEquipment01.setProperty( "Con_SlaveEquipmentAddress", slaveAddress );
As per the above example you need to first use Openconfig function where ModbusEquipment01 is the name of the equipment.
 You can use setProperty function to set the property and Con_SlaveEquipmentAddress is the property of address.
After setting the property you need to call function commitConfig to save the configuration.
In the above example slaveAddress is a int variable which has been set to the value 10 to set the slave ID 10 for that particular equipment.
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