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Can I view log file or text files inside the controller supported by SoMachine on the HMI Runtime screen being programmed by Vijeo Designer.

All the text file inside the controller can be displayed on the runtime screen oh HMI by using SoMachine Log Viewer
 part tool that is available on Toolchest of Vijeo Designer.
The SoMachine Log Viewer part allows SoMachine log files that are generated by the controller to be retrieved and its
contents to be displayed at Runtime. You can use the part's scroll bars to navigate through the file contents and create
a switch to reload the file contents.
To set up the SoMachine Log Viewer, you follow these procedures in the Editor:
·         Place the SoMachine Log Viewer part from the Toolchest folder to the panel and set up the properties for the part.
·         Set up a switch with a bit operation that changes the value of the part's trigger variable. When the part triggers, the
log files load into the display.
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