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What is the different behavior of licensed and unlicensed running of Vijeo Historian services.

Depending on the license there could be three possible mode of running Vijeo Historian services:
1.Full Mode: Running in this mode automatically when the historized point count is within the limit specified by Vijeo Historian Licensed.
2.Historian Mini Mode: Historian Mini-mode provides a fully operational historian for data acquisition without license, in version 4.40 this
 limit has been extended up to 100 tags and 100 alarms compare to 10 tags and 10 alarms in version <4.40.
3.Historian Demo Mode: For the situation where the historian has been configured with more than the tag count permitted by existing point
count permitted by the license (including mini-mode), a demo period will be initiated where by the historian will acquire data and process
events for 1 hour or until a valid license is entered.
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