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Can M340 Processor SD Card be used to transfer program from M340 CPU RAM and vice-versa.

Yes it is possible for this you will have to follow the below steps:
·         Put the PLC in STOP. 
·         Set bit %S65 to 1 and check that the CARDAC LED is off. 
·         Remove the currently used memory card, which includes the old application. 
·         Insert the master memory card in the processor. 
·         Press the RESET button on the power supply.
Result: the new application is transferred to internal RAM. 
·         Remove the master memory card. (Do not turn off the PLC) 
·         Insert the memory card with the old application in the the processor. 
·         Do a backup command by putting %S66 to 1.
·         Program transfer from PLC RAM to installed SD card.
Please take note that you will have to use the physical input to RUN/STOP the PLC and HMI to write the value into the system bit.
Please take note that your application is to be configured to go always in Run Mode by selecting the Automatic Start in Run Mode
from Processor Configuration. So that you input command to write into the system bit work properly
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