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Can we use EasyPact CVS circuit breakers for motor protection.

The EasyPact CVS circuit breakers have a dedicated trip unit “MA” for motor protection.
Circuit breakers with an “MA” trip unit are combined with a thermal relay and a contactor or a starter.
CVS100 to 630 circuit breakers, equipped with an MA magnetic trip unit with adjustable thresholds, offer:
- Short-circuit protection
- Suitability for isolation.
Short-circuit protection is available in 3-pole (3P 3D) with an adjustable pick-up (Im ) that initiates instantaneous tripping if exceeded.
Im = In x ... is set on an adjustment dial in multiples of the rating:
·         6 to 14 x In (2.5 to 100 A ratings)
·         9 to 14 x In (150 to 220 A ratings)
·         6 to 13 x In (320 to 500 A ratings)


Where In is Rated Operational Current


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