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Is it possible to use slip ring motor with Altivar 71 drive.

Yes we can use Altivar 71 Drive with slip ring motor, following are the recommendation.
About slip ring motor using with ATV 71:
"With a slip ring motor, it is necessary to short circuit the winding of the rotor. You can short circuit the winding of the rotor
with a cable (cable of the last resistor in case of retrofit) to have more standard characteristics because this kind of motor has
a low slip frequency. You could also have to adjust the slip compensation of the motor (SLP parameter). Enter the motor
characteristics of the control menu. Do an autotune.Use SVCI or SVCU driving law to be able to configure the brake sequence.
Example :For hoist application you need the brake sequence.For other applications, the U/F law (without brake sequence) works also.
This law is useful in case of particular specific slip ring motors but for lower torque performances."
Note : The ATV71 has to cover the full motor load, make sure the continuous output current of the drive is higher than motor load current.
One step oversize is quite common.
Also check the slip ring motor current and select ATV 71 drive One or two step oversize.
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