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Give zelio smart relay SR1 to zelio smart relay SR2 correspondence table while transferring zelio-soft V1.5 program running on zelio smart relay SR1 to Zelio smart relay SR2 using zelio-soft V2.0.

While transferring zelio-soft V1.5 application to zelio-soft V2.0 application to make program of zelio smart relay SR1 compatible to run on zelio smart relay SR2, zelio soft V2.0 software makes following changes
   Zelio Logic 1 ----> Zelio Logic 2
   SR1 B121JD    ----> SR2 B121JD (2 additional mixed inputs)
   SR1 A101BD   ----> SR2 A101BD  
   SR1 B121BD   ---->  SR2 B121BD (2 additional mixed inputs)
   SR1 B122BD   ----> SR2 B122BD (2 additional mixed inputs)
   SR1 B101B     ----> SR2 B121B  (2 additional discrete inputs)
   SR1 A101FU   ---->  SR2 A101FU
   SR1 B101FU   ----> SR2 B121FU (2 additional discrete inputs)
   SR1 A201BD   ---->  SR2 A201BD (2 additional mixed inputs)
   SR1 B201BD   ----> SR2 B201BD (4 additional mixed inputs)
   SR1 B201B     ----> SR2 B201B
   SR1 A201FU   ---->  SR2 A201FU
   SR1 B201FU   ---->  SR2 B201FU
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