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How to update the time and date in a Quantum CPU like 140CPU67160.

The Date and Time in a Quantum CPU can be defined by the user if %S50 is high.
 System words containing date and current time (in BCD):
  • %SW49: day of the week:
    • 1 = Monday,
    • 2 = Tuesday,
    • 3 = Wednesday,
    • 4 = Thursday,
    • 5 = Friday,
    • 6 = Saturday,
    • 7 = Sunday,
  • %SW50: Seconds (16#SS00),
  • %SW51: Hours and Minutes (16#HHMM),
  • %SW52: Month and Day (16#MMDD),
  • %SW53: Year (16#YYYY).
These words are managed by the system when the bit %S50 is set to 0.
These words can be written by the user program or by the terminal when the bit %S50 is set to 1.
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