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What is the behavior of SoMachine when opening *.project of previous version of SoMachine software with newer version of SoMachine software.

When opening *.project of earlier version of SoMachine with newer version of SoMachine software version, message window
will appear informing and indicating that project has been created with earlier version of SoMachine. Do you want to upgrade
it to the latest one? YES or NO.
If YES is selected,*.project will be updated to current version of SoMachine and if it is saved once, it will be no longer possible
to open it back with earlier version of SoMachine (Version to which it was created)
If NO is selected, *.project will not be updated with latest version of SoMachine and so it is possible to login to the controller without
building and downloading the project provided “Download Information File (*.compileinfo) created at same directory as that of *.project
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