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How to operate ATV312 with preset speeds.

Preset speed function can be assigned two ways to Altivar 312.
1) Logic inputs 
2) Communication networks
1)Through Logic inputs
To assign preset speeds to altivar range of drives follow below path while operating JOG dial.
RDY--> Fun [Application Function]-->PSS- [Preset Speeds] -->PS2 [2 Preset speeds] = LIx. Here x refers to the available
logic inputs number.
When this particular LIx is ON, SP2 (preset speed 2) reference will be considered.
Similarly, PS4, PS8 and PS16 can also be assigned to LIx to activate 4 preset speeds, 8 preset speeds and 16 preset speeds
operation respectively.
2)Through communication networks
RDY-->CtL [Command Menu]-->LAC [Access Level]] = L3 [Level 3]
Assign any one bit from bit 11th to 15th of control word of particular communication network on which ATV312 is being used to
preset Speeds (PS2, PS4, PS8 or PS16). Communication network could be one out of Modbus, CANOpen, DevicNet or Profibus.
When assigned bit of control word is HIGH, corresponding preset speed function (PS2, PS4, PS* or PS16) will be activated and
accordingly SP2 to SP16 will come into effect.
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