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In Ecodial Advance Calculation, what are the different views available for the network?

Once the ‘design and sizing’ of electrical network is completed. (calculation of the project is done by clicking the button "Calculate Project" ) Then the user is interested to see the various results on the single line diagram.
On the left hand corner of the “Single-line diagram”, there are 3 buttons available for selection. These buttons will provide the various views (with different information’s) of the diagram.

“Data” button will show the “input data and basic information” in the diagram.
“Calc results” button will show the “calculation results” in the diagram.
“Solutions” button will show the “solutions” proposed by the software in the diagram.
In General, these buttons are useful; to decide what is the on-screen schematic the user interested to export. (Print or AutoCAD export)
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