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Why Ecodial Advance Calculation proposes the 'limited discrimination', for some combination of protection devices, where the same in complementary technical information says "total discrimination"?


In complementary technical information;
While seeing the combination of upstream & downstream devices (Example: see the above table) the magnetic setting of upstream or downstream device is considered for a full setting (Isd = 10 Ir), that ensures the ‘total discrimination (T)” for the combination.

But, in the Ecodial Advance calculation, may be the same combination of the protection device is proposed by the software. But, the magnetic setting of the “upstream device” is set according to the 'prospective short circuit current of the network (And not the full setting as shown by the complementary technical information). And this may leads to the "curve intersection" with the downstream device characteristics. So, Ecodial read the 'discrimination limt' from the curve interscting point and displaying as a result.  

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