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How I can communicate Messung`s Nexgen series PLC with Vijeo Citect using Ethernet & Serial driver.

For communicating Messung PLC with Vijeo Citect, there is no special driver
available in Vijeo Citect. You need to confirm from the PLC user manuals that
which protocols it supports like Modbus, Modbus/TCPIP, OPC etc.

As per our knowledge Messung PLC supports the Modbus protocol , so for communicating
the PLC & SCADA on Modbus (serial protocol)you have to use Modbus driver and for Modbus
on TCPIP you need to use Modnet Driver in Vijeo Citect. You may need to fine tune the
Modbus / Modnet driver INI settings which can be available in Citect driver help.

Also if the PLC supports OPC then you can also use Vijeo Citect`s OPC driver for
the communication.

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