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How do I use Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX in Citect.

You will need to set the Media Player ActiveX object property to specify the filename that needs be opened and also call the Play Method via Cicode:

1. Specify the URL obtained from
 user input (Player.URL)
2. Start the Player (Player.Controls.Play)

The following
 Cicode function illustrates an example of running a specific media player file with the Windows Media Player.
In the example, the ActiveX object has an object name of AN202. This function can be called by clicking on a button on the page
where the ActiveX object is located

FUNCTION MediaPlay() 
 = ObjectByName("AN502"); 
,"URL", "C:\Users\Public\Music\Sample Music\Sleep Away.mp3"); 
hControls = _OBJECTGetProperty(hMediaPlayer, "Controls"); 
_ObjectCallMethod(hControls, "Play"); 
Note that the following methods may also be useful:

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