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How to setup the kVARH pulse output of PM700P?

PM700P power meter - same as PM700 i.e. (with basic readings including THD and Min/Max) plus two solid-state pulse outputs, one is
dedicated to kWH and the other is dedicated to kVARH.    Regarding the kVARH pulse output, first of all, we have 2 possible products in
PM700 series can do this - PM700P & PM750.  Possible selection for both of them is as follows: 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 
In fact, you can configure this on the front panel.  PM700P - MAINT > SETUP > PULSE > configure the kWh/p, msec  ** password is 00000 by default. 
Let's take an an example of the setting as below:  (kVARH pulse duration in milliseconds) = 1000  (pulse weight - kVARH/P) = 1    For this, the definition
of pulse duration and pulse weight are as below; Pulse duration means the pulse would be lasted for the defined period in ON position. It would
drop to OFF position afterward.  Pulse weight means the pulse would become ON position once the measured energy (kwh in this case) reach the
defined value.  i.e. in this setting, the DO of PM700P would become in ON position every 1kwh and the pulse would be lasted for 1s.       
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