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Masterpact NW drawout modbus communicable breaker is not able to establish communication via. CCM "Chassis" Module.

It is necessary to synchronize BCM and CCM to get the breaker status, if CCM is not synchronize with BCM, it will not respond.   Following steps are necessary for CCM "chassis" module configuration :-  The CCM "chassis" communication module has a pushbutton and two LEDs (red and green) on the front panel that are used during start-up. Once all the  parameters have been set in Micrologic depending on the respective control units, press the "Address synchronization" pushbutton on the "chassis" module. The CCM "chassis" module is automatically set up with:  > the same baud-rate and parity values as the "device" module;  > the address of the "device" module incremented by 50.  The "chassis" module then automatically launches start-up by connecting all the "device" and "chassis" modules to the communication network.   
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