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Starting Citect runtime in multi-process mode popup an error message:Could not open the language database <Project Path>\<Language>.DBF The file may not exist or may be in use by another application.

When a Citect process accesses a dBASE (DBF) file on start-up it temporarily locks it so that no other process can access the file at the same time.
This may lead to the above error message being displayed on start-up if 2 or more Citect processes are trying to access the same language file at
exactly the same time. Product development are aware of this issue however it will require a significant change to the way files are accessed on start-up
so no code fix has been produced as yet. As a workaround however, you can increase the [General]LockRetry and [General]LockDelay citect.ini
parameters. Testing has shown that these parameters will reduce the frequency of the error message appearing and most likely will eliminate it
altogether. For example, try setting the following: [General] LockRetry = 20 LockDelay = 100 Though the Help says that the maximum value for the
LockDelay is 100, you can actually set it to a higher value if really necessary and could try a LockDelay of 300 (for example) if 100 still shows the error.
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