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What is difference between ScadaPack Modbus and Generic modbus driver. 

The SCADAPack Modbus driver is an advanced driver, which means that it provides functionality not available in the simple drivers such as Modbus.
One key addition is in the area of PSTN modem support. The PSTN support provides a way that Modbus devices can be dialed from ClearSCADA, but
using the Unsolicited PLC functionality, remote devices can also dial into ClearSCADA and identify themselves.
The Modbus driver includes support only for Modbus RTU over serial or TCP, or Modbus TCP. The SCADAPack Modbus driver also includes support for
Modbus UDP, Modbus ASCII over serial, TCP and UDP and Modbus RTU over serial, TCP or UDP. Additional functionality available for generic Modbus
devices includes: Support for Modbus ASCII. Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/UDP including support for Modbus ASCII over TCP and UDP and Modbus RTU
over TCP and UDP. Restriction of the maximum packet size Unsolicited PLC functionality so a remote Modbus device can report into the master PSTN support
Switched and shared outstation sets for multiple communications paths and redundancy
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